EFFE.GI.BI di Gazzotti & C. s.p.a

EFFE.GI.BI di Gazzotti & C. s.p.a
 0039 051863581

EFFE.GI.BI. has been active in the textile wholesale sector for over 50 years, with an extremely vast selection of classic and fashionable textiles manufactured by leading Italian brands and with its own exclusive lines. It covers the following sectors: Women’s/men’s/children’s underwear, nightwear, hosiery, corsetry, Women’s/men’s/children’s wear, swimwear, haberdashery, clothing accessories and linen for the home and accessories.

EFFE.GI.BI. gives its customers the chance to choose from the most advantageous selection for their stores, given the diversity and quality of the range available. It also markets Morbide Linee and The First Cotton Clan, exclusive women’s wear brands for retail that are not available on the mass retail market.

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  • Block: Blocco 9
  • address: Via dei Setaioli

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