Following the current measures approved by the Italian government to counter the Coronavirus emergency, Centergross announces that the competent authorities have not imposed to date the closure of the district. The pole therefore remains open and operational in full compliance with the required safety directives.

The Centergross’ Board of Directors has rigorously complied with ministerial regulations and invited the companies operating within the center to do the same. The management offices, while guaranteeing the necessary supervision and the minimum ordinary administration of the center, are in smartworking mode, with a sense of responsibility towards the emergency that is affecting the whole country.

The Dcpm of 11 March obliges the closure of retail commercial activities, not of productive or wholesale commercial activities. The latter can decide independently the behavior to be carried out, carefully following the preventive measures prescribed by the decree. Each company in the center can therefore decide to remain open or closed and it is responsible for adopting the preventive measures prescribed by current legislation.

We invite all those who need to know the operating methods of the individual activities, to contact them directly.

The Centergross’ management remains available for any clarification and need.

We are close to all members, operators and customers in this moment of great difficulty.

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