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SoAllure was born in 2009 from a creative idea of ​​Sonia Maccaferri, who, not surprisingly, chose the "SO" as well as to accentuate the meaning of the name, even to sign it.
Nomen Omen for SoAllure, a name a destiny, which uses its je- ne-sais-quoi to create a yin & yang mood, paying attention to the needs of women who wish to top off their LOOK according to the different needs of the day.
SoAllure offers clothes that can be chosen with taste and that give the possibility to each woman to stand out for her unique and personal "Allure".
The brand's pride and pride is its being 100% Made in Italy.
Located in the largest European commercial center dedicated to wholesale, Centergross has developed a capillary distribution in Italy and constant growth abroad.



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