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The Rinascimento woman is always aware of her femininity: she knows she is glamorous without having to hide her curves, she wants her clothes to fit like a second skin. She is the woman of today: dynamic, cheerful, often feisty and always pleasantly the centre of attention. She looks for fashions with a decisive personality but that are easy to wear, perhaps with a basic style, but that are never mundane in their details. Made in Italy: manufactured and distributed by Teddy SpA.

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Feeling exclusive, cool, glamorous and at ease in any situation, feeling Kitana makes the dream come true.
Kitana knows about fashions, trends and style, but also about the female body and she chooses her clothes carefully to flatter and exalt the voluptuousness of her curves. Italian quality and taste merge with the variety of fast fashion. In Kitana, Italian quality and taste merge with the variety of fast fashion.

www.kitana.it  news@teddy.it

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