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Imperial s.p.a. distributes the following brands: 

Imperial fashion: IMPERIAL, a high-end all-Italian brand, was founded in 1978 with the aim of expressing a personal taste to stand out in the constantly-expanding clothing market. The idea to develop a productive process that now goes by the name of fast fashion originated from Adriano Aere and Emilia Giberti, the entrepreneurs that now oversee a workforce of over 200 resources and a network of 80 single-brand stores and direct distributors around the world. The company’s on-going expansion and the increase in the reputation of the IMPERIAL brand is reflected in its functional, highly fashionable style, in which research into cuts, styles and fabrics demonstrate a flair for experimentation, a value chosen to identify the democratic, contemporary and metropolitan style that characterises the brand.  IMPERIAL has 35 years’ experience in the ready-to-wear sector, it manufactures some 6 million garments a year, which it distributes on the Italian, European and Asian markets for a target age range of between 18 and 40 years. Another reflection of the IMPERIAL brand’s expansion is the children’s wear range, which debuted in the Fall-Winter 2013 season. –

Please: The Please line is the youngest part of the Imperial range and consists of a range of streetwear featuring denim treatments, printed t-shirts and leather jackets for all seasons. –

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