Technology, innovation and intuitive systems are the aims that Imola Punto Net s.r.l. strives to achieve with each and every client. The services provided include: Passepartout management software, Arxivar optical filing/ digital replacement/Workflow software, Aruba for certified email and digital signatures, professional PCs and notebook, PA invoicing and backup systems. Rediscover technology as a useful ally!

Imola Punto Net s.r.l distributes the following brands:

ARXIVAR: Document Management can no longer simply be considered as “filing solutions”, rather it must be considered as a combination of digital technological platforms and services able to make files accessible, useable and shareable, that is as integrated as possible with the company processes in which they are generated, used and edited.

PASSEPARTOUT: Passepartout Mexal is a programme that manages accounting and warehouse-related aspects in an extremely complete and flexible manner, from a technological and functional point of view. It is the ideal management software for companies in search of a simple programme that is able to manage their accounting, balance sheets, purchases, sales and warehouse. The management software is highly customisable to suit the sector the company works in, but also according to the needs of the company’s various departments: each area or office (accounts, warehouse, production, etc.) can be provided with a terminal with specific dedicated functions.

ARUBA: Digital signatures, certified email and website names –

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