The greatest European fashion hub presents “Summer in Italy”, a selection of the fashion brands with a preview for S/S 2021 in a virtual show filmed inside the beautiful frame of Palazzo Re Enzo in Bologna

An emotional video live streamed on Centergross’ channels. The greatest European hub for Ready to Wear Fashion presents a spectacular projection filmed in the charming Re Enzo Palace in Bologna. Here, on Monday March 8th, will take place “Summer in Italy”, a preview of Spring/Summer 2021 trends to present the excellence of the high quality ready to wear fashion 100% Made in Italy.

An event organized by Centergross and the Administration of Bologna with the significant participation of companies, partners and sponsors to restart together and to contribute affirmirming the importance of one of the most productive and strategic sectors, both for Bologna area and the entire Italy.

A sector that, because of the pandemic, is now landed on the main digital platforms to presents the newest collections among the worldwide fashion field.

With its new President Piero Scandellari, Centergross established a strategic plan based on a new positioning inside the fashion market, focusing on a new communication and a brand new image able to catch the innovation challenges needed in this context to promote a district of fundamental importance at local, national and international level.

Using the images, the brands in the hub will set up a fashion show running thru colored outfits and sophisticated fabrics recalling the 80’s style, the years of the economic boom for fashion industry, that established the rise of prêt- á-porter and the success for Made in Italy.

Centergross, founded 44 years ago in Bologna, nowadays represents the greatest European B2B commercial hub for the ready to wear Italian fashion: the total surface measures 1 million square meters and the exhibition area is of 400 thousand sqm, also 100.000 sqm are dedicated to offices and service areas. The turnover sets around 5 billion euro per year, of which 3,5 are related to fashion and the 60% of the incomes come from the export, thousand of buyers visiting the hub daily (pre-pandemic data), 6.000 direct employees (plus the satellite – activities).

A 100% Italian colossus that counts 680 commercial activities at national and international level, of these, about 400 are fashion brands, 98 textile and accessories companies, 94 trade and high technology and over 100 service providers with platforms and digital environments that integrate and interact with real places.

A winning formula enclosed in the strength of the group to face internal and external markets and which today, more than ever, confirms the validity of a choice – which seemed visionary four decades ago – but which, precisely in a historical moment as tragic as it is unexpected, it manifests itself in all its relevance and validity.

“Over the past few months I have often had the opportunity to experience first-hand how Bologna is greatly suffering by the effects of the pandemic, but it does not give up – states Matteo Lepore, Councilor for Culture and Promotion of the Municipality of Bologna -. Centergross and the fast fashion sector are one of the driving forces of the local economy. We have been collaborating with Centergross since a long time for initiatives related to fashion, such as the show held in the last two years at the Pincio. I hope that also through this new project the sector of ready to wear fashion could start again “.

Fast production, a distribution that never stops and rapid refurbishments make the ready to wear fashion more and more accessible to several markets becoming a fast-growing sector.

“In such a difficult market, that suffered for sudden openings and closures – stated Piero Scandellari, president of Centergross – the Italian ready to wear fashion system proves not only to find lymph from this situation, but that it can continue to represent and perhaps even increase its share of procurement on the global fashion market. At the end of the lockdown, fast fashion has been able to respond immediately to these “new rhythms” by providing the market, in just a week, with production and news to be sent to stores and shops and respond to requests for innovative ideas that consumers, exhausted because of the isolation, asked for. The conditions in which, one year after the outbreak of the pandemic, we are still forced to operate, have led the institutions to help us not only by granting us important support such as prestigious locations, but the appreciation and satisfaction of the operations of the Centergross brands. The organization of this event demonstrates that there is interest in continuing to make Bologna and Palazzo Re Renzo a potential center where present annually new Italian ready-to-wear ideas in terms of superior quality of fabrics and style”.

The advantage of the Italian ready to wear system are more than clear: on one hand a winning business model based on the rapid production and distribution that allow a continuous refurbishment of the collections, avoiding stocks and providing savings both for the warehouses and for the capital immobilization and on the other hand, the short supply chain is able to create great fashion trends with affordable prices.

The narrator of the event, Irene Colombo, will take us on an exciting journey to discover the creations by Adriano Langella, Berna, Hamaki-ho, King Kong, Loft1, Paquito, Rinascimento, Sophia Curvy, Souvenir, Susy Mix, Takeshy Kurosawa, Xagon man, along a journey conceived by the creative mind of Roberto Corbelli, Art Director of the event that, with the organization of Riccardo Collina, Phygital Export Manager Centegross, imagined an 80s set, in which models compose a puzzle at inside an imaginary shop window, giving life to tableau vivant with a retro flavor that look to an increasingly present future, with interchangeable garments elaborated by a forge of young talents, fresh but refined fabrics, the result of a work based on quality, creativity, technological innovation, in compliance with ethical and sustainable procedures.

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