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The “recherce” is the highest form of creativity because it does not follow time but is chased by time and therefore is never old-fashion.
Susy Mix, a brand that was born from the knitwear industry, decided to adopt this policy to explore new territories.
Susy mix’s woman has inside her the different personality and contradiction of out time, without being outside the walls, but fancying the lively contrasts of the aesthetic and stile of extremes.
No Limits it’s the path that encourage our company not only to meet its clients’s needs but also to propose them the new stile developments of its chosen cloths.
This happens thanks to the renewing of style that takes place every seven days.
With an imprenditorila approach, Susy Mix has decided to invest in materials in order to reach an high level of quality and a wider public, without barriers.
The products satisfies the international demand thanks to the reliability and competitivity of the brand and its strong presence on the net.
The “recherce” is not only creative but also on a marketing level, which allows Susy Mix to offer constantly a cutting-edge total look for each type of client

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