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Studio Legale Mazzoni was founded in 1986, by lawyer Gianluigi Mazzoni. Starting from 1990, when he was joined by other professionals and opened a number of branch offices throughout the province of Bologna, Studio Legale Mazzoni took on the current name of Mazzoni & Associati.

Areas of expertise:


The firm provides legal advice and support for the negotiation and conclusion of contracts, the drafting of contracts between private individuals, companies and businesses, in particular, preliminary property sale contracts, and contracts for supply contracts, sub-contracting, legal representation, agency, the sale and rental of companies, property rentals, bailments, supply and administration. It follows all aspects of the associated disputes, namely non-fulfilment, withdrawal, termination, reduction in payments, excessive burden and compensation for damages, to guarantee specialised assistance.


The firm provides legal assistance for the recovery of bad debts (unpaid invoices, unpaid rent, unpaid remuneration and wages) by following all phases, during both out-of-court pre-dispute negotiations and those during the court case, required to recover the debt.

More specifically, during the legal proceedings, the Firm takes care of petitions for injunction orders and provides assistance during any appeal proceedings; orders for payment regarding enforcement orders and mortgages, bills of exchange, checks; fixed, non-fixed and third-party asses attachment orders; petitions regarding the forced sale of fixed and non-fixed assets; assistance during all phases of the sale of fixed and non-fixed assets; and regarding filing for bankruptcy, filing of proof of claim in bankruptcy and ordinary avoidance actions.


The firm provides legal advice regarding shared ownership, building management, routine and extraordinary shared property maintenance work, appeals regarding resident resolutions, verification of building management charges and the recovery of unpaid building management charges.



The Firm’s consolidated experience also includes legal assistance regarding residential or commercial property rentals and eviction orders for expiry of term or unpaid rent. It is also able to take action for the recovery of unpaid rent and any building management costs and legal action in the event of damage to rented property.


The legal firm specialises in out-of-court and judicial legal advice and assistance regarding property, possession and property rights.  More specifically, it deals with the drafting of sale contracts, provides assistance for fixed-asset acquisition transactions (including participation in court auctions), it provides aid and assistance in the event of building faults, both as a precautionary measure and regarding ordinary out-of-court and judicial assistance regarding property divisions, including those concerning inherited estates, possession and petitory order applications defending ownership and usage rights, residential life interests and constraints, actions to end intolerable acoustic or olfactory emissions, actions to defend passage, electrical supply or view constraints, etc.


For many years, the Firm has dealt with civil liability in the road accident field and insurance law sector. Civil liability: The Firm has consolidated experience and assists its clients in all disputes concerning civil liability. More specifically: liability associated with the performance of business activities (of corporate bodies), professional liability (for doctors, journalists, accountants, notaries, lawyers, etc.), liability for personal injury (for road, domestic, free-time and occupational accidents), liability associated with prejudicial effects on personal rights (privacy, image, slander), contractual and precontractual liability, liability in the procurement contracts sector (liability of the contractor, designer, works manager, safety supervisor, etc.), product liability, ski-lift operator liability. Medical liability: The Firm has particular experience in representing the victims of errors committed by doctors, paramedics, private and public health facilities and in representing doctors and healthcare professionals involved in malpractice cases and/or criminal proceedings.


Well aware of the problems regarding the time required for dispute settlement, the Firm also provides its assistance and advice regarding arbitration procedures, as well as mediation, negotiation, conciliation or, more generally, any alternative dispute resolution instruments.


Studio legale Mazzoni & Associati lawyers also offer their highly-qualified, professional assistance regarding consensual or judicial separation and divorce procedures and in the family law field in general. It has significant experience in matters regarding offspring and the custody of underaged children. These include: petition for consensual separation of the spouses; separation with assisted negotiation (also known as separation in front of a lawyer, without involving a court); petition for judicial separation of the spouses; joint petition for divorce (dissolution or termination of the civil effects of marriage in keeping with the Concordat); divorce with assisted negotiation (also known as divorce in front of a lawyer, without involving a court); petition for a judicial divorce (dissolution or termination of the civil effects of marriage in keeping with the Concordat); consensual or judicial petition for the modification of separation or divorce conditions; legal assistance and advice regarding family law and family mediation; assistance for families in which the couple are not married.


The Legal Firm provides legal advice regarding the drafting of wills and donations. This assistance regards appeals concerning wills due to prejudicial effects on the reserved share of an estate and for simulation (right of collation and reduction) or for invalidity. It also performs judicial activities regarding estate divisions. Judicial assistance is provided in ordinary and precautionary procedures for the application of a will, inheritance petitions, estate division petitions and petitions for the termination of joint inheritance or declaring donation deeds void.

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