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Gil Santucci™ manufactures and distributes leather garments and high-quality fashions ahead of the conventional fashion system, with a creative and innovative approach, for a pioneering total look. Gil Santucci™ creates collections made in Italy with a rock heart, always reworked to achieve a feminine and glamorous edge.

MC is a line that brings back into vogue the fashion of the 1950s, timeless inspiration for the SS 2016 collection.
The distinctive features of this brand are now more current than ever; on the one hand, its revisits the sensuality of pin-up girls and, on the other, it exalts the femininity of the woman, by privileging lace fabrics, embroidery, animal prints and patterns, imagined for full skirts and bon ton “Y-A-Hs”.
MC does not want to forget the “New Look”, the revolutionary period in which sumptuousness and elegance defined a woman in search of that “romanticism” that we apparently no longer need.
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