Federica Lancioni

Settore: Fashion

The company boasts thirty years’ experience in the marketing of classic and casual women’s footwear in the fast fashion sector. Thanks to the attention it pays to changing fashion trends and in response to an increasingly demanding market, Rimel Italia Srl is the exclusive distributor, with the Osvaldo Rossi brand, of products of Italian origin, characterised by the use of the finest materials, as well as a constant attention to design and innovation. Osvaldo Rossi is a footwear company that specialises in the creation and production of women’s footwear.

The decades of its owners’ direct experience in the footwear sector and a personal commitment to the study, development and production of the styles created, make the samples
medium- and high-quality products. Osvaldo Rossi shoes, which are characterised by a comfortable fit and a smart and sophisticated design and are all carefully selected and finished using artisanal techniques, know that their style and personality will satisfy the expectations of any woman who chooses to wear them.


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