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Since 1994, Società Dolce has worked in the pre-school sector in various regions of north-eastern Italy and now provides 80 nursery and pre-school, supplementary childcare, home and experimental services. Primonido was founded to provide a reliable response to the needs of Centergross staff and local families, who need to reconcile work with childcare. The building it occupies was constructed according to bioarchitecture principles and opened in 2008 as a nursery. Società Dolce adopts a flexible management approach that aims to satisfy increasingly diverse requirements, whilst respecting the children’s needs and the education targets established in the teaching programme, which is the same for all local services. Since academic year 2014/15, Primonido opened to annual subscriptions for children up to 6 years of age, confirming its intention to grow together and accompany families in the education programme up to primary school age.


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