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OBLIQUE debuted with its first collection in Milan in 2009 and started taking part in Paris Fashion Week from 2010.
From the outset, its unique clothing concept was acclaimed worldwide.
It has developed an aesthetic philosophy with its own trend and that is able to grow and live without following the rules of the market, but by reworking the present to create new prospects.
Oblique attributes great value to the promotion of human resources and innovative technologies.
Elegance and wellness, through free and fascinating forms, in a relaxed and uninhibited relationship with one’s body.
Over time, a unique and sophisticated style has evolved that is perfectly in keeping with everyday life.
A combination of artistic ideas that meet the needs of a woman who loves all fashion.
Like an untiring explorer, the brand has continued to open new horizons, in order to create fashion through research, experimentation and development, in a new interpretation of the relationship between the human body and clothing.
With resolute determination, Oblique has developed the concept of all-Italian tailoring and craftsmanship, to enjoy considerable success.
Today, the collections can be found in the most progressive luxury boutiques the world over.
A bourgeois luxury, designed for those who do not like the showy clamour of fashion.

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