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Professional fitness and rehabilitation equipment.

Total Body EMS (electric muscle stimulation) fitness systems with Miha Bodytec.

A POPULAR NEW TECHNOLOGY The basis for good health, keeping fit and a well-proportioned body is active muscles. Good physical health also has positive repercussions on mental wellness. These positive effects can be obtained in a specific manner using electric muscle stimulation, provided it is applied to the whole body. This is the case of Miha Bodytec. This total-body method, which acts deep-down over the whole body, achieves very rapid and visible results. This makes Miha Bodytec much more than a fitness instrument. It is a well-designed system that invites the user to immerse him/herself in a new dimension of total body fitness. Miha Bodytec blends the right ingredients for a revolutionary system: the latest technologies combined with ideal use and the greatest possible convenience. The portable control unit is the size of a laptop computer and can be installed on a stand. Professional individualisable total-body EMS fitness system.  The system is composed of a machine that manages up to 10 pairs of electrodes. The electrodes are positioned inside the technical suit provided and produce direct contractions on the various groups of muscles (legs, abdomen, upper and lower back, chest, arms and shoulders), with the great advantage of exercising the body without putting strain on the joints. Unlike conventional electric stimulation systems, Miha Bodytec acts simultaneously on the agonist and antagonist muscles. The impulses reach even the deepest muscle fibres, to obtain more intense and efficacious exercising than conventional methods. The training session can be performed either passively or actively, with additional exercises to be performed standing up that have been specially devised to enhance the contractions in certain areas of the body, or even dynamically.

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