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DM Group S.R.L. is made up of 3 entrepreneurs who over the years have increased their business more and more, leading it to open up to reference markets and companies in Northern Italy. By contacting DM Group Bologna, customers have the opportunity to stock up on a wide range of products and items both for the office and for all work environments. The Company's Core Business is to be able to satisfy the requests of each company in relation to stationery products, customized printing materials, packaging, branded doormats, safety devices, accident prevention items, customized workwear, anti Covid 19 products and office furniture solutions.

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Recently the group has developed an online e-commerce platform with over 16,000 products for companies and with some leading products also aimed at the final public, such as the dialect calendars of Bologna, Modena and Parma. The shop is called Customers receive the goods quickly and professionally. When one turns to DM Group srl, everyone finds a comfortable and long-lasting service, from which it will be difficult to part. Accuracy, timely delivery of orders and with advantageous prices, these are the company pillars that have allowed the loyalty of many companies over the years.

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DM Group Bologna sells wholesale to all companies in the area, medium, small and large, and is also a MEPA supplier, so even public administrations often choose the group for its competitive prices and for supplying projects of various kinds of products. Fausto and Alessandro have been collaborating for over 20 years, and after a while Andrea joins them. Over time, the entire DM Group srl team has developed a great deal of experience initially as salesmen, until they become entrepreneurs of a real company.

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You already know the corporate mantra: "If it exists ... you can find it with us!"


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