Settore: Fashion

Baby clothes, children’s wear, lace, netting, haberdashery
CRISTIN MODE  (Cristina M.B. S.r.l.) was founded in 1977, at the same time as the opening in Bologna of Centergross, where it is located in Block 20. Its roots go back to a family tradition that started immediately after World War II and that developed in the centre of Bologna. This company’s decades of experience have made it a bench mark in the wholesale of haberdashery and clothing for children aged 0-16 years. CRISTIN MODE (Cristina M.B. S.r.l.) offers its customers a vast range of products in the sectors of both haberdashery, being specialised in lace of all kinds, netting, trimming, ribbons, applications, diamanté, etc., and that of clothing for children from birth through to 16 years of age, combining current fashions, value and quality. In addition to these departments, there is no shortage of other important innovations, which are designed each season following careful market analysis. Please visit our website, browse our collections and contact us for any further information you may require.


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