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Sophia Curvy, is a clothing brand dedicated to curvy women, belonging to the Succ.ri Bernagozzi srl group that has been operating in the clothing sector since 1930. We realized that on the Italian market no one made large sizes for women with a young style, and on the international one, only the Germans made “over” sizes with this intent. There was therefore a target served little and badly, and the idea that is proving to be a winning one was that of putting Italian taste at the service of a production of women’s clothing with strong and extreme sizes, up to 68, while all stop at 56/58 or at most 60. With the Sophia Curvy line we therefore offer something that was not there before, offering the possibility to younger girls to find models, even of extreme sizes – which moreover are today the most requests -, in perfect harmony with current fashion trends. We have an internal style office that deals with the design of the models, also thanks to a careful research work, which goes from monitoring the most avant-garde trends in the most vital and creative cities from this point of view, such as London and New York, to evaluate the most current colors and processes at the international textile fairs, then a 360-degree market research. The prototypes of the garments are made by us internally, after the feasibility is evaluated, also because not all models can be made up to size 68, some lose wearability. However, our commitment remains to please everyone. We use a network of agents spread throughout the country, which supplies specialized boutiques, and we have now consolidated our presence in France, Belgium and Holland, always with representatives and in Russia by participating in the following fairs: CPM Moscow – PANORAMA Berlin – WFC AMSTERDAM – MOMAD Madrid A notable help to this sector was given by the curvy revolution that has invested the world of fashion and beauty in recent times and which has contributed to the flourishing of numerous events, which have led to the pose of a curvy model for the Pirelli calendar or successfully participate in various curvy girls in Miss Italia and in the creation of the Beautiful curvy calendar by Barbara Christmann. Excess weight is still an excess, if it compromises our health and well-being, but this should not prevent women from feeling beautiful, from loving their body in its roundness. Curvy is not a physical characteristic but it is a way of being and feeling: a woman who feels curvy first of all loves herself, is comfortable with her body and tries to enhance it with clothing and a healthy lifestyle. . For Sophia, the mission is to make women of all sizes feel curvy, to make them feel beautiful and worthy of loving and being loved.

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