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Astra s.r.l. distributes the following brands:
Working Over Time: A new kind of fashion? Not bad!!! The name is WORKING OVERTIME and true to its name, this brand is characterised by an informal, useful, witty kind of fashion, that each woman can make her own. –
Studio 40: Pure, minimal design, vintage prints and fabrics, parallel universes of style. STUDIO40 is Bologna’s latest venue, ideal for all those looking for elegance, originality and class in a unique and exclusive environment. In the limelight… for runway shows, casting, lookbooks, music videos, soap operas and TV productions and photo and film shoots. It is ideal as a furniture showroom, for contemporary art exhibitions, for cultural and corporate events and conventions. –
Tadashi: A pair of trousers, a dress… Throw them in your suitcase, shake them out and coordinate them TADASHI style. The spirit of a woman interpreted by a brand. The portrait of a ‘free’ woman. The creative moment. –
10-46: 10 because it took 10 months to create the knits. 46 because the first collection consisted of 46 different styles. Nothing but knitwear!! –
Born to Be Wild: Rediscovering our past can be translated into garments that combine traditional Italian craftsmanship and a contemporary style. To us, recycling means bringing back memories to give them new life. –

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