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Confcommercio Ascom Bologna is a trade organization, adhering to the confederal system of Confcommercio - Enterprises for Italy, which in particular directly and exclusively represents Confcommercio in the metropolitan city of Bologna. Today the Association represents over 16,000 companies - small, medium-sized enterprises and professions - of our territory and interprets, guarantees, defends and protects the interests of the entrepreneurial forces operating in the tertiary sector, commerce, tourism and services.
Ascom Confcommercio provides constant support to its Shareholders in the management of the business in relation to: • Administrative information and mandatory obligations • Trade union consultancy on labor matters • Legal, notary, building technician consultancy • Banking relations consultancy • Banking agreements • Contract information of rent • Pension procedures • Successions • Advice and social security and tax assistance • Signage • Covid emergency assistance In particular ASCOM CONFCOMMERCIO assists, guarantees, takes care and protects the interests of entrepreneurs in the tertiary sector using a team of professionals divided as follows: TERRITORY OFFICE: promotes the development of associated commercial activities also through cultural events, sponsorships and continuous dialogue with institutions. FEDERATIONS OFFICE: represents, interprets and protects the interests of all business categories in the tertiary sector. CREDIT OFFICE: offers banking and financial advice to obtain better access to credit and plans strategies for the management of corporate financial needs. TRADE UNION OFFICE: assists member companies in the management of employment relationships and supports them in the relationships between entrepreneur and employee. COMMERCIAL OFFICE: deals with the development of the Associates portfolio and the promotion of the services offered to the Associates through Marketing actions. The CEDASCOM service company provides a comprehensive range of services to the Associate relating to the following sectors: ACCOUNTING: management of the accounting, financial and administrative dynamics of companies. PAYMENTS: complete management of company personnel. ENVIRONMENT: safety at work, food safety and data safety (Privacy) Finally, the following sectors are added to the offer to Members: HEALTH: E.M.E.C. Emilia Romagna: provides assistance formulas, free specialist services at affiliated centers and reimbursement of health costs for hospitalizations and outpatient services in the structures of the Member's free choice. ISCOM BOLOGNA: deals with study and training for trade and tourism with an accredited body for access to funding from the European Social Fund and the For.te. PRESS AND COMMUNICATION: provides advertising consultancy for small and very small businesses and for new ones. It creates the brand, the sign, the letterhead forms, the press communication and the website.
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