Centergross’ gates will remain open according to the usual times (click here to view) even in the month of August 2020.


The offices of the Centergross and the Infopoint will be closed from 10/8 to 16/8 included. The activity will resume regularly on Monday 17th August.

You can find below the list of the closing days of the companies that have communicated it and of the services. To know the closing days of the companies not listed below, we invite you to contact them directly:



Erressegi: always open

LTB: from 10 to 21

Souvenir: from 7 to 23

Spazio moda Bologna: from 8 to 16

Lenzi Bottoni: from 10 to 21

Sef Meccanotecnica: from 10 to 23

Dental Brightness: from 10 to 31

SBB: from 8 to 23

TM: from 10 to 16

Antica Sartoria: always open

Imperial: always open

Curvy: from 31/07 to 23/08

Aprile bags: from 14 to 21

Lea gu: from 8 to 16

So Allure: from 6 to 18

Bortolotti calzolari: from 7 to 23

Motel: from 10 to 16

Kikisix: always open

Astra: from 8 to 16

Paquito: from 8 to 16

Silk-o: from 5 to 23

Arsenal: from 10 to 16

Indaco fashion: from 1 to 16

Brunetti utensileria: from 8 to 23

Mangano: from 10 to 16

Le prime donne di Eva: from 10 to 16

Cersaie: from 1 to 23

Pezzoli: from 10 to 14

Maryley: from 11 to 14

L’immagine distribuzione: from 3 to 16

Degrade: from 31/07 to 23/08

Cannella: from 8 to 24


Bar Exclusive: from 17 to 21

Bar Klac: from 10 to  21

Bar Nedo: from 3 to 14

Campioni Ristorazione: from 3 to 14

Master Center 38 bis: always open

Villa Orsi: always open

Tavolamica (camst): from 10 to 21

Tabaccheria: from 10 to 21

Parafarmacia: from 10 to 18

Miyabi hairstyle: from 10 to 18

Progetto estetica: from 12 to 20

Ufficio postale: closed on tuesday and thursday


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