Aprile Bags Art: made-to-measure craftsmanship. We design, manufacture and sell handbags made by expert Italian craftsmen using all types of hide and fabric. The main characteristic of Aprile Bags Art is that all its products are item-washed and dyed; this is the opposite to the usual leather-dyeing procedure, in that, a leather goods manufacturer usually makes its products using finished hides, whereas we buy crust leather and make our handbags. Once our handbags are completely finished, with the stitching, zip and any accessories, we start the dyeing process. By placing the bags inside the vat of dye, the end product has a brighter, more vivid colour. After dyeing, the handbags are centrifuged. This gives them a highly original vintage effect. The accessories, which have already been applied to the handbag come into contact with the water and take on an aged effect and become opaque. This is the vintage effect that makes our handbags unique.

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