The enchantment and seduction that rekindle the desire for recovery, the sound of a saxophone, the dance of some dancers and a video that tells of an almost unprecedented Bologna, where fashion shows were organized already in the 40s and the city was on its way to becoming capital of Pronto Moda.

The event on Saturday 11 September 2021 on the Pincio Steps illuminated Bologna with art, music and fashion, where Centergross, a colossus of Made in Italy ready-to-wear fashion, set up a fashion show with 15 brands. The fashion show, which has been repeated since 2019, this year has taken on a very special charm. Not only was it one of the first major events in Italy in the sector, but it also took place in conjunction with the September fashion shows in New York and ahead of those in London and Milan fashion week as well (21-27 September). Buyers and journalists from all over Italy arrived in Bologna for the Made in Centergross collections.

There were also numerous guests and institutional guests in the stalls set up at the foot of the staircase, and the public, all in compliance with all anticovid safety regulations, who attended the show.

Because a real show was the one organized by the Bolognese fashion center born 44 years ago, 1 million square meters of surface, 5 billion euros the annual turnover, 6 thousand direct employers, 680 commercial activities. The 15 brands are Adriano Langella, Angela Davis, Dejavu Over, Hamaki-Ho, Kikisix, King Kong, Le Streghe, Loft 1 , Susy Mix, Susy Star, Sophia Curvy, Souvenir, Takeshy Kurosawa, Tela N , Xagon Man.

Creations that within a few weeks will be in all the stores offering these brands, which have always been aimed at the most varied customers. “Rome, Florence and Milan have always been the image of Italian fashion, very important- said Piero Scandellari, president of Centergross who last night reorganized the event, born in 2019, between fashion and entertainment on the Pincian Steps- but in Italy there is also another excellence, that of Pronto Moda, a sector that has created a style, a way of life and deserves to be re-evalueted: we are not the only Italian reality, but we think that Bologna is the right container for this relaunch also at the international level”.

The objective, therefore, is to include the capital of Emilia-Romagna in the Italian fashion system, becoming a showcase, as well as a production and trading site, of Pronto, as Florence and Rome have been for Haute Couture and Milan for the collections of the great brand.

“I am very happy that the institutions are at our side-added Scandellari- bringing Bologna into the global fashion village means creating activities, attracting more tourists, enhancing the image of our city and at the same time of the whole country. Technological innovation, sustainability and a new and incisive communication strategy, are the pillars on which Centergross is already working with companies and a new capable and motivated team”.

To open the show was a video edited by Art Director of the show, Roberto Corbelli, who told the history of fashion in Bologna with a journey back to the learned city, not only the seat of the first Italian university, strong in traditions and culture, birthplace of many artists, but also the city of the clothing industry, where fashion shows were organized already in the 40s, decades ahead of other queens of the fashion system.

To them become the capital of Pronto Moda. Without understanding the importance and the social value of an industry capable of intercepting trends, producing them quickly and on a large scale and above all putting them on the market at prices accessible fashion to all. A sustainable fashion from an economic and social point of view.

Between a tribute to Lucio Dalla, and images of the city, the presentation of the collections then began, under the direction of the choreographer Alex Leardini. Divided into three blocks, a musical choice in harmony with the creations of the brands, to underline the characteristics and particularities of each, Leardini has perfectly managed to give the group the same magical result and the same harmony of a unique show, but with a big difference: the richness of diversity that becomes the strength of the group, a group capable of facing the challenges together, but also the opportunities of the global market.

Winter Melody is an event organized by Centergross Bologna with the patronage of the Metropolitan City of Bologna, the Municipality of Bologna, Region Emilia-Romagna, CNA Federmoda, ICE Italian Trade Agency, Ascom Bologna, chamber of commerce of Bologna, Unindustria Area Centro, Foundation ANT, Bologna Welcome, Bologna Summer, #BolognaFashion; the support of: TIM, Intesa San Paolo, Allianz Paolo Delfini, Borelli Orlando, D’Amora Trasporti, Mani di Fata, Prime, Zini Elio. Si ringraziano: Scuderia Bologna, Giovannini, Sinergy Cosmetic Italy, Spaziia, Hotel I Portici, La Truccheria, Make Up For Ever, Maxfone, Next Fashion School, Enzo Bartali, Rizzi Silvio.


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ADRIANO LANGELLA: launched in 2018, the brand of Adriano Langella focuses on a masculine look, chic, sophisticated, informal, urban and gritty background. For next autumn Adriano has thought of a man who knows how to o beyond stereotypes and not let himself be harnessed by common places. So clothes in animalier prints on fine fabrics such as silk, cashmere or alpaca. On the jeans colored paint splatters, while the most classic knitwear is invaded by cobwebs that make it unique. The designer has thoughts even for the outerwear suggesting pastel shades and super colored Scottish paintings. On the jacket is shown all his flair: a slim uniform with soft shapes, great wearability, enhancement of every detail, from the sleeves to the shoulders to the lapels. All production is Made in Italy based on strategic choices. This brand focuses on the great professionalism of the Italian partner.

ANGELA DAVIS: The Italian brand born in the late 1990s presents the Limited Edition Collection: plissè is the main protagonist. With the fantastic pleated fabric that makes every look versatile, here there are dresses and skirts worn with a cardigan to give the Wild Folk effect. Charm is guaranteed both when the colors are more sober (white, beige, ivory, black) and with the more lively (yellow, green, royal blue) to maintain that refined style that characterizes the brand.

Dejavu-Over: is the new emerging reality of Italian fast fashion for the Curvy woman, a brand born in 2019 composed of a young and dynamic staff, careful to the needs of a market, both Italian and foreign, in continuous evolution, and with ever new needs. Dejavu is a trendy line aimed at the woman who loves her body and highlights her shapes. The FW 2021/2022 collection fully reflects this woman, a collection made of natural and elastic fibers, comfortable garments, colonial colors mixed with explosions of color, ethnic patterns that blend with the geometries of the 70s. The main feature of the collection is to marry cottons and canvases with the patterns of shirts on viscose and silks, making a sporty look chic, a collection that gives back to the eyes of the beholder an image made of clean lines, a current woman, in the time and in the places where she lives.

Le Streghe: is a company founded in 2007 after twenty years of experience in programmed collections. The owners face fast fashion, a totally new world for them. The company has made great progress in the last 5 years, from the showroom at Centergross, to the conquest of important slices of the Italian and foreign market. The Le Streghe woman is up-to-date, modern, she works and nothing is casual for her, she loves the refinement and simplicity of her way of dressing. The collection is based on comfortable and natural fabrics, in this collection it is the color that commands the scene: ROYAL, LIME, CAMEL, ACIDO, CREAM, PUMPKIN, WHITE AND BLACK, all colors that in this collection blend perfectly with patterns that they cross with taste and refinement. Le Streghe hasn’t already sent a clear enough message, let’s let the collection do the talking.

HAMAKI-HO: Name with a Japanese flavor, embodies the whole cosmopolitan soul of this male brand that, for the autumn – winter collection was inspired by the earth. And not just for the colors of his creations but also because the brand is always been in tune with the contemporary world that, also in the fashion world, should pay attention to how sociability and climate change have changed. In order to meet the needs of a demanding clientele, the brand has created a look with clean lines and shapes, using different materials and yarns with innovative spirit. If the earth has inspired the trend chromatic, the main color is brown but there is no lack of other colors. Hamaki-Ho was the term with which the districts of Kyoto were called where the Geishe resided that is “those who exhibit art” through the artistic disciplines.

KIKISIX: Details of the great 90’s era with the usual “French touch”. The brand with headquarters and heart in Florence launches the new FW21 collection dedicated to young women by offering dresses with prints iconic animalier and optical designs that blend naturally with Provencal and paisley patterns. In matching colorful oversized sweaters, re-adapted vintage sweatshirts and the military army jacket original handcrafted revisited to wear on top, a must for the company. Fabrics and yarns used are natural. The brand is considered one of the best clothing proposals for relationship quality/price, from the newFW21 season the brand launches Kiki Plus, the extremely curvy line fashion.

KING KONG: There are three themes. The first one is New College, a cheeky style with dresses in pleats, miniskirts and patterned sweaters. The second trend is Glam Rock, elegant and captivating with bright colors, which draw attention to the woman who wears them, perfect in her style and in its safety. Desert Soul is the third theme, consisting of paisley print dresses, cardigan with fringes and ethnic motifs.

LOFT 1: The philosophy of the brand has always been unchanged over time. The F/W 21-22 collection was thought by the founder and designer Vittorio Pedri, inspired by a nomadic man looking for a deeper contact with nature and with his land. For this reason he chooses a range of colors inspired by the territory to remember from where the brand started: the Bolognese hills. In fact there are three pillars on which it is based. LOFT 1: passion, self-expression and the propensity to break the mold. It is always important a careful attention for the details. Now the brand is committed to taking on a new challenge at the forefront, addressing the social, economic and environmental aspects of the man fashion sector. This is why he decided to invest on the future for a 360° digitalization.

SOPHIA CURVY: Clothing brand for over sizes of the Bernagozzi group operating in the sector clothing since 1930, has always put the Italian taste at the service of a production of women’s clothing from 44 to 68. Offering younger girls the chance to find models, too more comfortable sizes, in perfect harmony with the current ones fashion trends. There is a careful research work by the internal style office that monitors the looks more avant-garde in the most vital and creative from this point of view, such as London, New York, with research at the international fabric fairs for the most current colors and processes. Saying that excess weight is still an excess, if it compromises health and well-being, according to philosophy of the brand a few more sizes must not prevent women from feeling beautiful, from loving the own body in its roundness. Because Curvy is not a physical feature but it is a way of to be and to feel, to enhanced also with clothing and above all with a healthy style of life.

SOUVENIR: Elaborate tricot, very fine pleats, motifs chosen in classic color combinations, a touch of vintage. There is all the unmistakable versatile style of Souvenir, a brand of the Souveinr Clubbing company that has been producing women’s dresses since 2011, in the collection for next autumn/winter. Earth, salt dominate the natural fabrics, made from fine yarns, enriched with intense colors. The quality of the raw materials, the refined cuts and the attention to the construction of the garment are the most important elements appreciated of Souvenirs. The result reflects a determined woman who loves elegance. The company in Italy sells both in single-brand stores and as wholesalers. But in recent years the brand has also increased its market abroad in particular in Russia, China and Europe.

SUSYMIX: has 25 years of experience gained in the womenswear sector for the F/W 21-22 season, the brand aims at a colorful, versatile collection capable of dressing many women, also launching the #SusyMixForAll communication campaign. “Susy Mix doesn’t dress only one type of woman and for this reason – said Michela Beccaletto, the founder – we decided to involve the women of our team in this photographic project: testimonials of different ages, tastes, origins and physicality, who have independently chosen the outfits”. The photographs have not been retouched. The Susy Mix capsule is characterized by hyper-colored garments ranging from purple, red, blue to yellow. Jackets and trousers that become ideal outfits for all the appointments of the day alternate with softer lines, cardigans, outerwear and quality knitwear are mixed with jeans and fit trousers, palazzo up to a more comfortable fit.

SUSY STAR BY SUSY MIX: wears sizes up to 54, the line is characterized by versatility and a variety of colors, patterns, always in perfect Susy star Mix style. The Susy Star capsule consists of trousers, jackets and outerwear, whose unique feature is the concept of comfort; bright colors, solid colors and pop and 70s patterns for ideal outfits for every moment of the day. Delicious looks are made up of blouses and cardigans, jeans, shirts and trousers with lines clean, and to emphasize the silhouette tight belts at the waist.

TAKESHY KUROSAWA: narcissistic instinct and sensuality are the main themes for the man who dresses Takeshy Kurosawa, a brand of innovative Neapolitan creatives. Today it is one of the most celebrated Italian brands in the world for denim, 100% made in Italy, embellished with fabrics imported from Japan. From the union between the West and the East, the perfect mix is born that dresses dynamic young people. A collection for a man who lives with great enthusiasm and is enriched with experiences. A style that is the result of the inspiration and ability of a team of young designers, who breaks the rules, creation, production, processing, finishing and control take place exclusively in Italy and each garment is the result of a meticulous search for perfection.

TELA N°: This brand was created to praise the Denim, the “immortal fabric”. The “blue thread that traced history”, made famous in America by Levi Strauss but originally used in Nimes and dyed in Genoa, has always fascinated the Neapolitan artisans who work directly on the raw fabric to create renowned jeans, worked to perfections. There is art in every detail. They creates dresses, jackets, sweaters, and classic shirts. The whole collection mixes Denim with the most elegant garments. There are many details and decorations.

XAGON MAN: The FW 21-22 collection by Xagon Man, a brand with over 50 years of experience, is a mix of styles, colors, eras, patterns and materials to dress a man who makes opposites a lifestyle. Pop colors, street & active moods vs essential and chic lines. There are also elegant tailleur. The most important colors are cherry red and blue navy. Minimalism and rigid geometric shapes are mixed to reach the body with fabrics lightweight, always offering a relaxed look. Haute couture and metropolitan taste are the common thread conductor that guarantee the authenticity and trademarks of Xagon Man, as well as an excellent value for money image.

CENTERGROSS BOLOGNA: Centergross, born 44 years ago in Bologna, today represents the largest European B2B commercial area of Italian Ready Fashion: 1 million square meters of total area, 5 billion euros the annual turnover, thousands of daily buyers, 6 thousand employees. An all-Italian colossus in which 680 high-level commercial activities are based national and international of which about 400 fashion brands, 98 textile and accessories companies, 94 trade and high technology and over 100 service providers with platforms and digital environments that integrate and interact with real places. A winning formula enclosed in the strength of the group to face the internal markets and external. During an historical moment as tragic as it is unexpected, it manifests itself throughout the its relevance and validity. The advantages of the Italian Pronto Moda system: on the one hand a business model winning that is based on the speed of product realization, distribution, on the other creates trendy collections with very strong fashion content and excellent quality at affordable prices.

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