Settore: Fashion

Biancoghiaccio is the result of over 40 years’ experience in the fashion industry. In 1971, driven by their passion, the Laurora family invested all its time in creating and developing a company that started in a room measuring just 50 m2. With their determination and the limited resources they possessed, they created a solid and well-organised structure that has continued to grow steadily in terms of both staff and workload. 1999 saw the establishment of YOOKER SRL, a Biancoghiaccio company; due above all to the on-going commitment of the Laurora family and the innovative developments introduced by their son, the company’s annual turnover has grown rapidly. Biancoghiaccio is completely made in Italy and still utilises craftsmens’ techniques. Every season, it presents two collections, which are continuously refreshed and customers are able to re-order rapidly when necessary. Biancoghiaccio is the solution for a modern lifestyle and has been designed for a woman who loves to exalt her personality through what she wears and who pays attention to the slightest details. Its constant commitment to researching creative and stylish fabrics and its careful attention to details make Biancoghiaccio a pioneering fast-fashion company that offers a vast range of styles that combine value for money and quality.”


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