Centergross: a more active role in the chinese market







During the meeting held yesterday at the District, the Chinese Consul Mr. Li Shaofeng confirmed his interest in the Centergross’ business model and he explained the countless opportunities that China has to offer to all the Centergross' Operators and to Italy itself with a view to Expo 2015. 

Centergross: a more active role in the chinese market

Funo di Argelato - The data are impressive: in 2014 China has invested in Italy about 8 billion euros and the figure will grow in 2015. A considerable firepower behind scenarios and opportunities that, will give a significant boost to the national economy if the Centergross Operators and Italy itself will be able to grasp.
The Consul of China, as well as China's Special Commissioner for Expo 2015, Mr. Li Shaofeng wanted to send a positive message of cooperation between the two countries at the beginning of the seminar chaired by Lucia Gazzotti, CEO of Centergross, which took place yesterday at the District and in which attended, among others, Mr. Harrison Wu, CEO of Inter EC Consulting Co. and Vice President Commodity/Merchandise Distribution Association of Guangdong Province and Mr. Roberto Zardon, Advisor and Coordinator of project Scp Italy.
The formative meeting on the challenges and opportunities of the Chinese market, with a focus on the participation of the Centergross at the fair b2b "The Flag", scheduled in Beijing for the 23 and 24 March, was a further opportunity to open a direct relationship with the chinese distribution, with a selection of industrial enterprises and with the financial and institutional world. Key points of the meeting were the interest from the Country of the Dragon toward italian products, of which the District is a perfect representative, which keep to attract a growing layer of Chinese consumers.
At last, undoubted was the confirmation that China is the land of conquest for the national companies - and then to the Operators of the District - since, to date, it is the largest market in the world and it has the largest number of business opportunities.
The president of Centergross Lucia Gazzotti commented "I am really satisfied with this meeting because the developments in the international scenario and the advent of the crisis made necessary to initiate a process of strong internationalization that looked to the Far East. For this reason, we wanted to bring together our Operators in this occasion of training and formation to make them understand how much China is receptive to a country like Italy with manufacturing tradition, high quality and style. The business opportunities are endless, but to seize them you need to know the local situation from the legislative and commercial point of view, and this can only be achieved by knowing and cooperate strong partners. The presence of Mr. Li Shaofeng today is an important signal for our Operators to make them clear how strong the commitment of Centergross is in order to support them in their expansion’s plans and, at the same time, the presence of Mr. Li Shaofeng anticipates the collaboration with a partner like China in the journey that will take us to Expo 2015"
The meeting represented just one of the steps planned by Centergross to live as the leading actor the upcoming international events: Lineapelle, the Milan Fashion week and, of course, Expo 2015.