The new chinese consul in visit at the Centergross







The expansion and internationalization process of Centergross continues without a break pointing to carve out a space in the foreground also in the Chinese market, thanks to its leadership in the Made in Italy’s fast fashion.

The new chinese consul in visit at the Centergross

"To take on the chinese and asiatic markets in the best way, attention and strategic planning are needed: for this reason, Centergross is working actively to provide the District companies with useful tools to gain a clear view of the legislative, commercial and territorial context" said the President of Centergross, Lucia Gazzotti, that added to it: "Knowing qualified partners, buyers, distributors and local reliable  is a necessary condition for the development and the consolidation of the business, even in anticipation of Expo 2015".
This gives rise to the need for a training meeting, scheduled for January 15 at 16:00 in the Conference Room of the District, on the challenges and opportunities of the Chinese market, with a focus on the participation of the Centergross at the fair b2b "The Flag", scheduled in Beijing for the 9 April, was a further opportunity to open a direct relationship with the chinese distribution, with a selection of industrial enterprises and with the financial and institutional world.
The involvement of the most important Chinese institutions was a proof of the crucial role that was recognized to Centergross as a trading partner of exellence: the meeting will be attended by the new Chinese Consul for Commercial Affairs and Special Commissioner for Expo 2015, Mr. Li Shaofeng, Mr. HarrisonWu, CEO of Inter EC Consulting Co. and Vice President Commodity / Merchandise Distribution Association of Guangdong Province, in addition to Mr. Roberto Zardon, Advisor and Coordinator of the Scp Italy project.
The meeting - during which will also build synergies with the banking industry and publishing with the presentation of two primary realities in their respective areas of competence - is just one of the steps planned by Centergross to live as the leading actor the upcoming international events: Lineapelle, the Milan Fashion week and, of course, Expo 2015.